Kathi Cameron, 

Mental Health & Human Performance

What is so great about groups?

Group support, therapy, and education delivers similar benefits as does individual counselling.  The benefits of social connectivity can help with feelings of isolation and loneliness while offering cost effective mental health support. At Kathi Cameron, Mental Health & Human Performance, we offer 4-week courses and 2-week workshops all focused on support, discussions, education, and skill development.  

Below is the next workshop offered. Check early January for the complete list of all courses and workshops offered over the winter "semester" 2023 by checking out www.mhhpeducation.blogspot.com .

COURSE: Emotional & Binge Eating

If you are struggling with emotional eating and/or binge eating you are not alone. This support group will offer psycho-education, group support, and strategies to help establish a health affirming relationship with food and body.  Resources will be offered and each participant will receive handouts and homework assignments in between group sessions. 

This support group will begin when we collect 6 participants. 

This is an online program and will be held on Wednesdays between 6 - 7:30 pm.

Fee:  $250 / six weeks (GST included)

Register by emailing [email protected] or for questions please call 

250-830-7330 or email.

Group supports offer a low fee way to benefit from counselling while engaging with others who are going through similar challenges.  Plus, you get to participate in the comfort of your own home!