Kathi Cameron, 

Mental Health & Human Performance

Therapy comes in all shapes and sizes.

Mental Health

As a clinical counsellor, I work with a wide variety of individuals in areas relating to depression, anxiety, grief, anger, workplace stress and harassment, sexual assault, chronic illness & pain, injury, dissociative disorders, and trauma.  

I specialize in disordered eating, negative body image, and the integration of exercise for mental health.  I take a trauma-informed, health at every size (HAES) approach to food and the body, while recognizing the large role diet culture plays in restrictive eating and over exercise.   

In addition I offer health and lifestyle coaching for those with health challenges and/or those looking to make life long health affirming changes including; nutritional/exercise psychology, organizational strategies for home and life, and interpersonal/professional relationships.

I approach therapy through the understanding of neuroscience while avoiding  the medicalization of  mental health.  I understand that our relationship with our internal and external environments can create balance or lead to imbalance. 

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Human Performance

Human performance may include a wide variety of things including; athletics, exercise, public speaking, academics, and corporate & community leadership.  I incorporate coaching and behavioural counselling to human performance while addressing those beliefs and behaviours that may impede our success.  

I offer career & retirement coaching for anyone wanting to find contentment in all stages of life. From a desire to change careers to planning for a balanced and purposeful retirement, I take a positive psychology approach while borrowing from my own experiences as an athlete, corporate executive and trainer, published writer, and entrepreneur. 

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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  I work as a clinical counsellor in the Comox Valley and offer a variety of services including EMDR and somatic based counselling.  If you would like more information or would like to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation, please email, call or text.